Unique and spacious floor plans combine with authentic 1929 era structural detail to differentiate HSL from cookie-cutter condo and townhome developments.

The Lofts

Property owners at Haberdasher Lofts are the beneficiaries of a truly successful conversion of a historic building to residential lofts. Attention to detail and careful preservation of the original architecture adds to the success of the conversion; however, the spaciousness of the lofts – surprising to many urban dwellers who often times believe you must trade space for location – is why 728 W. Jackson is one of the most highly sought after residential addresses in all of Chicago.

Authentic Loft Features

Exposed concrete columns, original timber beams, soaring windows and ceilings, and authentic matchstick floors, are just some of the characteristics residents appreciate at Haberdasher Square Lofts. For contemporary tastes, these features produce a picture-perfect canvas for creative interior design.

Large Scale, Custom Designed Spaces

The loft apartments are unique in shape and size with average living space of approximately 1,400 square feet, and some multi-unit and 2-story homes as large as 4500 square feet and with private outdoor decks. Each apartment features what one would expect to find in a luxury loft building:  walk-in closets, full size laundry rooms, wood burning and gas fireplaces, kitchen islands with natural stone finishes, spacious living rooms and extra-large master bedrooms.

There are two-hundred twenty-six units in the building:  one-hundred forty-two concrete lofts and eighty-four timber lofts and townhomes. All units in the buildings have access to private indoor and outdoor parking and are joined by a common lobby and elevator system with access to the rooftop deck, workout room, basketball court and hospitality rooms.