Pride in ownership is the common thread shared by Haberdasher Square Loft residents who set highest standards for maintaining their homes and building.

The People

It is no surprise that people who are attracted to loft living are comfortable in non-traditional, urban surroundings. They also are people who have a real appreciation for history and place. Living in a historic building means that a sense of progress and change is ever present, and architectural features like iron railings and original wood floors, concrete posts and exposed timber beams attract individualists who seek personal style.


The people at Haberdasher Square Lofts are an eclectic mix of people similar to any urban neighborhood; however, what they have in common is pride in their home which is reflected by the clean, quiet and well organized lifestyle that residents enjoy and value. Read what The People of Haberdasher Square Lofts have to say:

We purchased here because we wanted a large apartment and this was the best value, but now that we’re here it’s really all about the convenience – fun and easy living.
E.M., resident since 2000

I think about the people who worked here and feel sort of privileged to have part of a factory floor as part of my home. The history of the place is always here.
C.H., resident since 2003

I see some neighbors I know and new faces, too. I like living in a big building – personal, but not so personal.
D.C., resident since 1998

The services here are really excellent; from the staff regularly washing the garage floor to the polished  stainless steel elevator doors. It’s clean, convenient and always in  great shape.
K.R., resident since 1997

I’ve lived here for several years and one thing is consistent– we always attract the nicest people to live here… not sure why, it’s just that way.
H.L., resident since 2004

Board Members

The Haberdasher Square Lofts Homeowners’ Association is the governing body of the building responsible for financial management, policies and procedures, and for making decisions on behalf of property owners. The seven person Board of Directors meets in open meetings regularly, and through parliamentary procedure addresses issues, reaches consensus and directs management to act on behalf of residents.

Each board member invests personal time in conducting due diligence for decision making on utility, maintenance and management contracts. Consistent, effective leadership by board members has held monthly assessment costs steady, without increase to homeowners for more than 4 years.