Chicago’s Standard In Authentic Loft Living

Welcome To Haberdasher Square Lofts

The most sought-after residential loft building in Chicago

Combining historic integrity with modern luxury, Haberdasher Lofts offers authentic loft living in the heart of a world class city making its concrete and timber condominium homes the most sought after warehouse-to-loft properties in Chicago.

One of Chicago’s most historic buildings

Match-stick floors, iron railings and the still operational freight elevator evidence the transformation from what was once the home of Chicago’s renowned Hart Schaffner and Marx clothing factory into an authentic loft residence.

Centrally located in Chicago’s historic manufacturing district

Converted factories and printing plants in The Jackson Loft District and booksellers in Printer’s Row share a thriving neighborhood where Haberdasher Lofts residents shop, dine and enjoy panoramic views of the Chicago Skyline.

A true loft in every sense of the word

The spacious residences feature the architectural details people love and expect to find in a classic warehouse-to-loft conversion. Exposed concrete columns, original timber beams, soaring windows and ceilings and terra cotta walls combine raw-loft ambiance with the comfort of a modern home.

Financial stability by engaged Association Leaders

The 226 unit building has a reputation among its peers as one of the best managed buildings in the city.  An engaged, long term and highly qualified Board of Directors actively manages Association finances with an eye to increasing homeowner value while carefully controlling costs.

Long term residents endorse the quality

The average Haberdasher Lofts owner has either lived in the building or owned a property in the building for more than 10 of the 16 years since the warehouse-to-loft conversion in 1997.  A recent survey of current residents cited “space, convenience and value” as top reasons to purchase and to stay.

24/7 door staff and services modern city dwellers expect

Sudler Property Management ( serves at the pleasure of the Haberdasher Lofts Association Board of Directors. Now in its eleventh year at Haberdasher Lofts, Sudler consistently provides the quality of service and 24/7 attention to detail one would expect in a premiere residential building.

Questions about the property? Please contact our Property Manager, Chad Molinelli, CMCA at (312) 655-0728 ext. 2 or email . You can also fill out the form above.

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